Think Pink

Even though I have never been a girly-girl, I can still appreciate pink. Something about this red hue does put a smile on my face, it almost represents everything cute and pretty.... from shoes to room's. 

Have you ever seen anything so pretty?!
My love for red bottoms run sooooo deep!!

These blush colored beauties are gorgeous!!

I love this tint of pink!


Now thats a thumb!

That's a door with personality!

Prettiest cake inspiration ever?

Now this is party inspiration! Beautiful!!
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West Elm

I have been so obsessed with West Elm lately that I had to dedicate a blog post just to their collections. Their modern furniture and fun design has made me almost cyber stalk their website, as well as make at least 3 trips to their store in Paramus this month. Everything from dishes to furniture to bedding have caught my eye. Here are just a few, well more than a few, of my favorite pieces of both their old and new collections.

Modernist Mugs... love the design and color.
Yes, I plan on getting these!

Modernist Bowls... love that the inside has a design also!
And yes, I do plan on getting these also.

Moroccan Canape plates... I think the chevron is my fav!

Love the colors in the Sunburst Tea Towel.

Their new Stria Dresser made with reclaimed wood. LOVE!
I want this also...

The Jigsaw Spine Bookcase.

Stray Dog Side Table... I appreciate the simplicity (and the chevron).

The Tillary Outdoor Rolling Table, perfect for summer entertaining!

The Pintuck Duvet, I'm torn between white and slate!
This is definitely on my wish list also!

The Jaipur Printed Dhurrie rug... very cool!

Iznik Bath Mat... love the geometric shapes!

Even though green is my least favorite color,
I still love this Bengal Tiger Pillow Cover!

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Independent Women

After such a busy week, I decided to dedicate today's video is to all the independent women who do a million things a day... and still get up the next day looking fabulous to do a million more.

Have a great weekend!


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Vicente Wolf Table at DIFFA

Sadly enough I didn't get to view DIFFA's Dining by Design at the Architectural Digest Home Show. However I had to share the table designed by Vicente Wolf, a friend in my head, whose interior design work and blog I follow. I got all the fab details and the picture from his blog. I imagine sitting at this table with my inner circle on a summer evening outside, with cosmo's and Moscato for the ladies, and whiskey on the rocks for the gents.

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Architectural Digest Home Show - Recap

This has been such a busy week that I haven't had time to blog as much as I like, so my apologies in advance! I have really been looking forward to sharing my expererience with you that I had at the Architectural Digest Home Show this past Sunday, so I'm taking a break from the chaos of the week to show you what I saw and did with the always fabulous Sandy of Marley Simone and my BFF.

This is a bag from Moore & Giles, they were the first vendor I saw when I entered.
They were there last year also and I'm still loving their stuff!

Desk no. Two Eleven from The New Traditionalists.
Loved this desk at first site, and the great customer service
and pleasant personality from Lauren sold me even more!

A close up... did mention you can customize this desk?!

Snug Furniture! Love their pieces! Can't wait to see their sleep collection!

Maybelline of Snug and I, love her!

This is from Skyline Design, loved the design
and the comfort of this outdoor furniture!

This corner chair is from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams.
The picture does not do it justice.

This out-of-the-ordinary desk caught my eye from dbO Home.

This piece of art sucked in from 20ft away, its from Mark Carson English.
I really could see these ballerina's on my own wall!

After venturing into the Art Show next door, we discovered
artwork from Lana Gomez. Love her use of color in her pieces!
Her work is even on Kelly Wearstler's wall!

The Artist Lana herself.

Just goofing around with Sandy of Marley Simone!

After a long day, finally eating.. Korean BBQ at Don Bogam! YUM!

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The Perfect Chair

I finally started working on the redesign of my bedroom, needless to say there is a long list of things I want to do. I currently have an armoire, bed, 2 nightstands, and a dresser on top of 2 big (and very well organized) closets. All of this will be replaced with a new bed, 2 much smaller nightstands, an armoire or dresser, and a very small seating area. The seating area will consist of a chair and a table or stool, note that this can change if I see something that really inspires me. I'm creating the sitting area because I consider my bedroom my ultimate escape, and I'm an avid reader, so it made sense to create an area that I could read and enjoy a glass of wine in the room where I am trying to ban work. I've noticed work is creeping into my bedroom via magazine, interior design books, and notebooks, causing my brain to not shut off at night. I'm up thinking about what needs to be done and having a million ideas pop into my head, this is what I should do in my office and not at 1am when I should be going to sleep. Here begins the search for the perfect chair....

The French Caned Armchair from
I really love the purple and antique look of this chair.

Garvey Chair from Anthroplogie.
Love the print with NYC subway stations.

The Sophie Tufted Slipper Chair from Restoration Hardware.
One word. Classic.

The Churchill Upholstered Reading Chair from Restoration Hardware.
I picture falling asleep many a night on this chair...

The Versailles Domed Burlap-Backed Chair from Restoration Hardware.
I have always loved this chair for it being the opposite of standard.

The Old Hickory Tannery Antique Leather Chair from Horchow.
Love the masculinity of this chair!
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