West Elm Must Haves

I shared with you my fav new West Elm items, now I'm ready to share what I'm plotting on getting for the redesign of my living room. Design is truly my passion so even writing this is making my heart skip a beat...

The Tulip Chair in Honey... this pic from the West Elm website does this chair no justice.
The chair is a much richer color in person and it is soooo comfortable. I can feel it now...
The fact that I want a navy blue tufted sofa, and this pic has navy blue walls, makes me feel like I meant to have this chair.... or is this the crazy talk of a shopaholic? 
Doesn't matter I'm still buying 2 of them!

I may have blogged about this carved table before...
I need it and want it. Its just so cute!

The Willoughby Dining Chair.
This is the chair that prompted my West Elm trip,
I left with the chair in Sandstone (the color in the front).

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The carved table is my favorite. It has so much character and teapot set is also a great addition.


My Chic My Way said...

My fav is the chairs, I am definitely going to get 2 of them... I am giddy with excitement.

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