Kitchen Inspiration

Looking for an inexpensive kitchen counter option? Butcher Block! Its knife friendly and non-toxic. Check out for more info!
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Thank you Mr. Brooklyn

Finally finished my Brooklyn project, here's a peek, but if you want to see it all go to the CSD Facebook Album:

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New York International Gift Fair

The NY International Gift Fair is August 14-19 at the Jacob Javits Center! Exhibitors (approx. 2,800) and attendees come from around the world to view, buy, and learn about new products and vendors... they have everything from home decor to crafts to jewelry and handbags. Event though my weekend is packed, I will definitely try to fit this in. 

Let me know if you go and most importantly, what you buy!

If you need more info check out their site at

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How I Live

I always post before and after pictures of my clients' spaces... I thought it would only be fair if I posted my actual home so you could see How I Live, flaws and all.

I bought my townhome in 2003, the same month I was turning 23. I would love to buy something bigger and better now, but like most entrepreneurs, I'm maki
ng some sacrifices in order to fully fund my passion and business Changing Spaces Design. In the long run it will all be worth it, to accomplish greatness you have to be willing to be patient. So in the interim, I try to make my home feel like my own personal (mini) castle.

Ready to see How I Live? Click away... How I Live Photo Shoot

*Courtesy of F. Sly Photography*
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