Spring Stripes in Black & White

I don't care that it snowed last night, I only care that it felt like Spring this past weekend (protest begins here)... plus black & white is always awesome.

Bec & Bridge's Elements Sleeveless Dress @ Revolve 

Fairground's Electric Skinny Jeans @ Revolve

Lolli Swim's Step Right Up One-Piece @ Revolve

Manolo Blahnik's BB Striped Grosgrain Pumps @ Saks

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Chic of the Day 4.15.14

White walls, bold art, and tons of personality infused into this backelor pad by Robert Passal. If you want to see more of this awesome room and home, shoot over to Domaine. xoxo

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The Erykah Badu

I can't say that I am or am not an Erykah Badu fan, mostly because I'm not that into music. I listen to the radio when I'm in the car or listen to my iPod when I work out, but I can't tell you the last time I've actually bought music. But what I can say wholeheartedly is that I like Erykah Badu's style, I like her free spirit, I like Bohemian-fierce-sexy vibe, and that face of hers is gorgeous. Who doesn't appreciate doe-like eyes and full lips right?
                   I've been subscribing to Essence since college, I will not confirm when that was, and I continue to devour the magazine each month. And this month was no different, the spreads with Ledisi, Solange, and Erykah Badu were awesome. But something about Ms. Badu spoke to me through my Essence App… I love technology.

All photos via Essence Magazine

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Blue Dining

Being sick always makes me super cranky, mostly because I'm not used to being still especially by force. I've had time to sleep, think, catch up on a ridiculous amount of hours of TV recorded on my DVR (I hate to think of life before this that device), and most importantly daydream. Even though I was feeling blue, blue can lead to awesome things… including this dining room.

photos via Domaine

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Gatsby-Inspired Wedding

This weekend was rough, I had to glue myself to my home (insert cabin fever here) to get a ton of studying done before Monday. Which somehow was accompanied by a headache (insert eye roll here). As I finally sat down at my computer, I realized that there were so many things that I wanted to blog about, read about, look at, and want to feel inspired by. And then I remembered a Gatsby-inspired wedding I came across a few months back that I wanted to share. Not only did I love the theme, I loved that it was in South Africa, that the bridesmaids wore short white dresses, that the wedding party was oh so cool, and most importantly that they looked like they had tons of fun. To get the full scoop, headed over to Munaluchi. Chic or not?

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Yes, Please Put Books on Your Coffee Table!

I have to admit that I can be very anal retentive, aka born that way and can't help myself. And one of my pet peeves is an empty coffee table. My go-to favorite decor staple on any coffee table are books, its what you can flip through when lounging on the sofa, what guests can flip through when you are entertaining, its conversation pieces, and it breathes life and inspiration onto the table. It can be amongst vases, flowers, and objects and hold its own weight. I have to also admit that I'm a book lover, so I am slightly biased but I've rounded up some chic examples.

1. Use books of different sizes and widths to add visual interest and lines of sight.
Add trinkets and vases to add height and to keep it interesting.
via Domaine
2. Look at the table from different angles, when you enter the room,
when you are seated, and when you are looking down on it to see if it works.

3. Books, trays, and vases are a great combination… but make sure the books are 
big enough to not be drowned out by the trays when placed next to each other. 
(Hint: I use trays for remote controls)
via Domaine

4. Have a ton of books? Stack them up but check your angles to see 
which book covers should go where, just not for the size but for color.

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Currently Stalking: Mara Hoffman

Based on my last several posts, you've probably gotten the hint that I am focused on Spring. Well I still am. :) So next up is swimwear and not just any swimwear, I'm talking about Mara Hoffman swimwear where color always chicly meets pattern. Although I refuse to buy one now since I somehow got myself on some weird cookie diet, I am in the process of ending that diet and my first purchase will have to be one of her swimsuits to wear on a island… on vacation… with a cocktail… a big cocktail. You may recall me mentioning Mara Hoffman a couple months back when I came across her gorg Dreamcatcher, and some other chic one's perfect for home decor.

All images are via Mara Hoffman

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