A Gorgeously Chic Black Kitchen

Black is hard not to love but this kitchen with black cabinetry and white counters and floors is stunning, but it's the black and silver Ann Sacks backsplash that literally makes my jaw drop... it is soo pretty! Laser etched shelves, copper mugs and pots, quartz wall coverings, and a wall-mounted faucet are only a few of the details that force you to fall in love.

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Dranking at Urban Outfitters

Since Fall is pretty much upon us I'm already planning my mugs, hot chocolates, and teas because those are some of my Fall and Winter highlights. One of the most amusing sites for fun mugs and random dranking goodies is Urban Outfitters! They truly tickle me with the quotes on their mugs and this new goodie they have for wine. Which is your fav? Let's get dranking!

Heeyyyyy Queen Bey!

Sometimes Whiskey is Needed...

Hilarious since sometimes its just that kind of tea time!

I'll never tire of this mug. #sirmixalot

Too. Cute.

Links to Purchase:
1. I Woke Up Like This
2. Just Add Whiskey
3. Tea Time
4. I Like Big Mugs...
5. Wine Bottle Sweater
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Lace Stairs

These lace stairs are amazing! Pretty yet strong. Such an amazing way to get to any attic like in this home, but I would love to see these pretty much anywhere. The contrast with the wood banister and floors give it such a sophisticated look as well. #classy

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Cookies Please

I've been insanely crazed this last month DIY'ing my kitchen renovation, aka me and my sledgehammer and every other tool in my house. Now that the main items are done I can focus on the chic details that I've been excited about like Jonathan Adler's Utopia Darjeeling Cookie Jar. I mean, how cute is this thing?! I love elephants and have quite a few in my home already but this is a must-have! And I cannot leave out the teapot.... this is how a Lady must serve tea.

The Cookie Jar, LOVE! #elephantobsession

The teapot... talk about a chic tea party with the girls!

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Designer Insights, Life, and Passion

I have been MIA lately and I am soooooo sorry!! I have had a lot on my mind and withdrew from blogging for a few months... so much has changed!! I left my 9-5 finally to pursue interior design full time, I'm in the middle of renovating my kitchen, restarted bootcamp with Body by Akua, delved into my Passionistas group for female entrepreneurs, and have been doing a ton of reflecting on my life. But this recent interview has tugged at me to get back into blogging, I have so much to say and to catch up on with you guys!! I recently did an interview with Terry's Blinds in the UK which included my Top 5 picks for the season, including the Emily + Meritt Bunny Ear Hands, a carpet from Malene B, and a gorgeous lucite bar cart. All things I'm loving and swooning over, so you know I had to share! I miss you guys! LMK what you think of the interview and tell me whats new with you!!


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