Rihanna of Arabia

Soooo, its safe to say that Ms. RiRi can slay any photoshoot and she clearly did that in Harper's Bazaar Arabia. The photos are GORGEOUS, as in drop-dead gorgeous... you can't deny her beauty or her edge. #getemgirl

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Looking Up

It's funny how life is, ups and downs and everything in between. I'm currently focused on looking up and that includes ceilings. I'm torn between wallpapering my bedroom ceiling or painting it and using stencils... decisions, decisions. Needless to say there are some awesome ceilings below that have lit my fire to hurry up and make a decision, especially regarding color and pattern. What do you think? And most importantly which is your fav?

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Died and Gone to a Gold Door

The intricacy, design, and detail of this door is absolutely amazing. Sometimes the simplest things can be made absolutely breathtaking... thing BIG... and gold.

via Flickr

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Maticevski Worn by Nicole Warne

Had to share this gorg photo of Nicole Warne wearing Maticevski... stunning is an understatement. For the full spread check out Nicole's blog Gary Pepper Girl.

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Black, White, & Rattan

Is it possible not to love black & white? These wallpapers are bold and gorgeous, and the contrasting rattan gives a simple and chic juxtaposition. And the detail in the wallpaper is damn near breathtaking...

*all photos are via Livingetc*

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DIY Gone Awesome in Cape Town

I love a good DIY, but this Cape Town home takes the cake and the bacon. The fashioner designer and photographer couple were creative in bringing their 1954 home back to life, with a tight budget and the hope to make a huge impact. By knocking down walls, using wood in unexpected and creative ways, scouring flea markets, and using concrete its safe to say they met their goal. I am loving what they did and how they did it!

The lamp cluster hanging from the ceiling medallions are flea market finds!

Glass table-top was once a shower enclosure!

The old fireplace is concealed with a plaster
screen which I love since it has this chic, sculptural effect.
The bull's head was designed by the couple... love!

The wooden box is hiding the back and sides of the refrigerator (aha!)
and the cabinets were home-made using stencils and spray paint (smart!)!

The swoon-worthy wallpaper? Created from a photo that
was resized and rescaled in order to get the look they wanted. Love.

Wood wall you ask? Old grape pallets that were someone else's trash.

Concrete sink base made to look like stone. Gold star.

Beautiful view of Cape Town.

Ok, what's the verdict... hate it or love it??
*all photos are via Livingetc magazine*

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Sunday Bling: J.Crew's Sparrow Cuff

Today was filled with conversations... about good things, bad things, and life things. Sometimes we need to focus on the beautiful things, and here enters J.Crew's Sparrow Cuff.

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Maya Angelou's Success

Can you believe that The Phenomenal Woman, Dr. Maya Angelou, has passed away at a remarkable 86-years-old? Can you imagine her memories, the amazing things she has seen, and the incredible things going through her mind while she wrote? We have truly lost a treasure whose legacy will live on, and the words that have touched the world. RIP.

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